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Your Mom's House Wiki should generally follow the style of Wikipedia, but also be willing to compromise on the truth in exchange for a cheap laugh.

If you're new to writing wikis (MediaWiki in particular), the quickest way to get started is to copy or learn from the source of other pages (Edit button at the top of pages) on other YMH Wiki or Wikipedia pages.

Any contribution is welcome. If you wanna add some info, try it out. If you wanna start a new article, try it out. If you wanna upload some cool pix or video, try it out.

Note: Due to the fuckloads of spambot spam this wiki has been receiving lately, you'll need to create an account and confirm your email address before you can edit.

Creating new articles[edit]

New articles can be created by searching for the title you'd like and then clicking the red text link on the results page like so:

New article creation example.png

Video and other media[edit]

Because of the tendency for YMH clips (cool guys in particular) getting removed from mainstream video hosting sites like YouTube, I recommend uploading a copy of clips here. Don't believe me? Just try watch some clips from yourmomshousepodcast.com/clips-1 and you'll see how many have been taken down. I think it would be good to have a central suppository of YMH clips which is somewhat more censorship-resistant.

Clips can be downloaded using services/programs like x2convert.com (online) or youtube-dl (a program on your computer).


Once uploaded, video can be embedded like so:

You can always test out your edits first by using the Show preview button while editing.


If you have any queries, questions, suggestions or dick pics you'd like to share, write on CoolGuyLuke's talk page. The wiki's logo could really use a redesign.