Robert Paul Champagne

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Robert Paul Champagne
Robert Paul Champagne.jpg
Robert Paul Champagne staring into Josh Potter's soul with his baby blue eyes in Robert Paul Champagne: Home Here Now.
Other namesTry It Out Guy, RPC
OccupationPornstar, actor, singer, designer
WebsiteOfficial website

Robert Paul Champagne (RPC) is a cool guy best known for his Instagram video in which he solicits sex from black men in exchange for accommodation. Numerous video clips of his have been featured on Your Mom's House. Joe Rogan was also treated to his original clip.



Black guys who love to fuck and fuck good.

If you're a hot black guy and you wanna fuck me at 2395 [censored]. If you wanna move in, you can move in, but you gotta fuck me. I need to be fucked a lot, man. You get free rent, free food and everything else, man. Here's the deal, man. Men from jail, homeless, or if you're a thug, if you wanna come, move in. Your friend can move in too, man. Free rent. You get a lease and a key.

Fuck me. Piss on me. Beat me. I'm home here now.[1]

If you see me, wanna come over today and try it out. Try it out, man. If you're in my building, try it out. If you wanna fuckin' piss on me, try it out. Serious replies only. Let's fuck, man. I'm looking for hardcore guys who mean it and wanna do it, and I wanna deliver it. I'm a hot, white trash cumdump. Let's fuck.



1.^ RPC himself confirms he says he's "home here now" (not "hoe me on out", etc.) during this interview here and here.

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