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Listen carefully as 4 Strokes Guy shares his remedy for erectile dysfunction with you.



But I'm here to tell you — if you've had any kind of erectile disorder problems, I'm here to tell you — forget about Viagra, forget about Cialis, forget about plants and all that stuff. I told you what to do, and it does work. So, I don't know if you believe me or not, but if you'd like to see me smoke some meth with a small limp dick, that doesn't get hard any other way and watch it get harder and harder the more I smoke, the harder my dick gets. It's unbelievable. If you want to see it, tell me yes. If you don't, that's OK too, I won't... But I just want all you guys to see. If you're gay, you won't believe how good it feels. If you're straight, you won't believe how good it feels. Your dick head becomes so sensitive, that you don't need lube, you don't need spit; you just stroke that dick head just up and down four times, you just barely do it, and you will shoot and enormous amount of very thick, thick, hot white cum. More cum than I ever did in my life. And I know I'm gay. I love to get blowjobs and I tell you what: I cannot wait when I'm so fucked up and hot and horny on meth I'll let anyone suck and give me a blowjob. I'm telling you, but, this, just, two strokes.

My brother didn't believe me, but when he smoked with me he put out his dick, I couldn't believe how big his dick was. He jacked off in four strokes and shot the most cum he had ever shot in his life. He's only 49, and he's fine. He has no neuropathy problems at all. But his dick gets even harder and thicker and even more cum. He believes me now!

I'm not here to tell you to do anything illegal. I don't want you to do anything illegal. I don't want you doing anything you don't feel comfortable doing, but I promise you. I promise you, if you can find anybody you know that won't get you into trouble, smoke some meth. The more you smoke up that bowl the harder your dick will get. Some guys got a small dick that don't get any hope not to get a hard-on. Some guys I met, it's a proven fact. Your dick will get hard.

So if you want to see me go from a limp dick to a hard dick, I will do it this weekend and I'll videotape it. From just a small dick, very limp, and watch it get harder and harder. That's a proven fact, alright. Let me know. Doesn't bother me a bit. If you say yes, I'll show it to you. The majority will win. If the majority says no, you'll never hear from me again. Just let me know, OK? Thanks.