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{{Infobox person
{{Infobox person
| name                = Blueban
| name                = Blueballs
| image                = Nadav Itzkowitz.jpg
| image                = Nadav Itzkowitz.jpg
| image_size          =
| image_size          =

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Nadav Itzkowitz.jpg
Nadav left his propeller cap at home for this shoot.
Nadav Itzkowitz
OccupationLesbian Ice Skater
Known forDeleting episodes, shitting his pants, being a Jew

Nadav Itzkowitz, also known as Blueban, is a producer for Your Mom's House Studios. He is known primarily for his poor googling-skills, as well as for his work deleting episodes of YMH, blowing large amounts of money gambling, shitting his pants, falling over while standing still and being a Jew.